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Anyone Interested in Halloween Chorus?

Auditions due August 23rd! (This Saturday!)

I am not just looking for amazing singers, I am having people audition to check the quality of the microphone;; Because I am not the very best mixer in the world to make bad mic. quality sound great.

Message me if anyone have questions or is interested!

I was working on tokires buttons since April… i totally forgot about it during the process. I just finished with Kaito’s, which finished up 3Majesty… Will soon work on X.I.P.!I will put them available for sale when I finish with X.I.P~~
Looking for friends on tokires! Please add me~♡♡
Quick sketch! I really like how girls can wear the suits!
Clean sketch -q-//
5 months ago


im not sure how to feel right now

feel angry. it’s a little boy, not a fedora clad pony-fetishizing teen douchebag. he should get to wear his my little pony backpack.
5 months ago
California Senate passed a Discrimination bill.


EVERYONE PLEASE. PAY ATTENTION. Especially if you’re Asian.

On January 30th, 2014, California Senate just passed SCA-5, a legislation that would repeal portions of California Proposition 209.

In condensed words, this bill allows schools to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ASIANS.

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